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About The Artist


As a published commercial photographer, Russ's photographs have appeared on numerous magazine covers, featured articles, advertisements, websites, catalogs, brochures, and recently as a 30' x 10' mural in the La Jolla Branch of Union Bank.

Russ' art has sold globally and he has been recognized as one of the top Fine Art Photographers in Southern California. He is now making available his Paintings, Digital Art, and Abstract wall art along with his Fine Art Photography which are all available online.

As an artist, Russ is noted for his exceptional 'eye' for seeing unique insightful scenes that capture the emotions of the moment. His tools are everything from his Smartphone, his aerial drone, to his full-frame Camera. Russ explains that an ordinary scene can be perceived differently when captured with an awareness of light. That is when the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Color and balance are critical.

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Contemporary Artist Statement


Russ' artistic works use digital technology and new media technologies as part of his creative process to create traditional forms of art like paintings, photographs, and prints.


The technology itself is the medium which the artist explores to create new works of art.  In an expanded sense, the creative process and use of digital technologies to capture, store, create, manipulate, deliver, print and share within the digital medium makes Russ' artistic works 'Contemporary Art'.  


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